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Wood Shutters & Composite Shutters

Custom Wood Shutters

Shutters are one of the things we at Unique Perspective specialize in. We carry a full line of Graber, Norman and Hunter Douglas wood shutters. All of the our shutter lines carry the best warranty on the market and are installed by experienced certified shutter installers.

Our Graber shutter line is made exclusively from North American hardwoods. Using a state of the art painting process that gives their shutters one of the best painted finishes on the market. You can also have your wood shutters painted or stained custom to match any color. Your shutters can also be enhanced with a wide assortment of options and upgrades creating a look of unsurpassed elegance and natural beauty.

Norman Wood shutters have been known for years as making one of the finest shutters available on the market and a leader in coming out with new features. You have the choice with Norman wood shutters to either have them made from beautiful and durable Teak or a North American hardwood. Each shutter is made custom to your exact specifications. Choose from slat or louver sizes ranging from 1" to 4" wide. Shutter panels can be made up to 42" wide if needed. Wood shutters are able to fit just about any shape window from arch windows to sliding doors. You also have the choice of a custom color to match your trim. Norman backs all of there wood shutters with a lifetime warranty.

Wood Shutters offer a distinctive wood grain which provides enhanced color, depth and character with the inherent texture of the timber in which they are made from. Whatever your personal style - warm and rustic, or sleek and refined. You are sure to find the perfect match for your decor

This video demonstrates some the options you have with the beautiful Heritance Wood Shutter:

Composite Shutters

As a busy homeowner, you expect innovative products that retain their functionality and good looks without excessive maintenance. Woodlore®composite shutters by Norman are constructed with a mixture of wood and polymers in an advanced state — for incredible density and strength. Made from the wood of rapid-growth trees, Woodlore® composite shutters enable tree replenishment at an extremely accelerated rate. Also now introducing Woodlore®Plus. This shutter is reinforced louver allows you to go up to 36" wide shutter panel. Using large shutter panels gives you maximum view and light through your window. The Norman Woodlore® Shutter has added a new pure white color to the composite shutter line. One problem with composite shutters has always been that the white color was always a gray white. That is not the case anymore with the addition of pure white color to the Norman Shutter line you will have a perfect match if your trim is a true white.

In addition, Woodlore's UV inhibitors is essentially lead free, does not release any volatile organic compound and protects against color fading and yellowing. There patented polypropylene coating resists staining to ensure long-term performance in a variety of environments. Woodlore is the natural choice of shutter for your windows.

  • Better consistency and durability than a regular wood shutter
  • Reinforced engineered wood stiles provide an intense level of durability and structural integrity
  • Stainless steel staples resist corrosion and withstand extreme heat
  • Better than vinyl and PVC shutters and can withstand even the highest desert temperatures
  • Patented polypropylene coating makes its surface extremely durable and robust

You can choose from louver sizes ranging from 2 inch up to a 4 inch wide. Composite shutters can go a maximum of 30 inches wide per shutter panel. Larger shutter panels give more of a contemporary sleek look where as smaller panel give more of a traditional look and can work better in tight spaces. Composite plantation shutters are a great choice for the budget conscious person. They are a more affordable shutter choice being about 15% less than our wood shutters. Composite plantation shutters are moisture resistant material, making them ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, saunas, and sunrooms here in the Wilmington NC and Southeastern North Carolina area. All of our composite shutters are backed with a lifetime warranty.

Take a moment to watch this video on where and how our shutters are made:

Shutter Features Available

Hidden Tilt

This system repositions the traditional tilt bar out of sight to provide an unobstructed view and a clean finished look. This is one of the most durable options by getting rid of the small staples that hold the tilt bar on to the front of the panel.

New Option is Invisi-tilt

No wooden tilt bar in front, no slim metal tilt bar hidden in back, nothing. The shutter uses internal gearing to tilt all the louvers together when you turn just one by hand.

Motorized with optional Solar Panel to Charge Batteries

For windows hard to reach or just would like the option to easily open and close the shutters you have the choice of motorization. The motors are battery operated and can be made with a small solar panel on the back of the shutter to charge the batteries. If not using solar charging system you can get 2-3 years out before you have to change batteries. It is very easy to change the batteries and we go over it all with you on installation.

French Door Handle Cutout

If your door has a lever style handle not to worry. We can have our wood shutters so that it curves around the handle allowing easy opening and closing of the door.

Arch Top & Specialty Shape Windows

Our wood shutters can be made to accommodate just about any shape window you have. Be it a arch top to oval window we can provide you with a beautiful shutter to accent the unique shape of the window.

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