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Roman Shades

Roman shades are a classic and elegant window covering choice that can be used in almost any home decor style. Roman Shades come sewn in many different style folds. From the clean lines of a soft fold or classic flat fold roman to the soft elegant relaxed fold roman shade you will find a style that fits perfect in your home. Many customers are choosing roman shades for the fact that when the shade is pulled up it creates the beautiful look of a valance thus giving the window a very clean finished look. Roman shades are now available to be made with the top down bottom up feature. Giving your total control of what part of the window you would like to have covered. Picture below is a cordless classic fold roman shade and pictured at top of the page is a beautiful soft fold roman.

Options available

  • Top Down Bottom Up
  • Cordless & Continous Loop controls
  • Lining (Light Filtering, Blackout and Thermal
  • Over 300 fabrics to choose from & constantly updated every season
  • Customer can use there own fabric COM
  • Can have drapes or valances made to coordinate with the roman shades
  • Full motorization options
  • Design Studio Roman Shades Collection by Hunter Douglas

Woven Wood Shades

Bring the outdoors inside with our refined and exotic collection of Woven Wood Shades. Made from a combination of organic materials like bamboo, rattan, reeds, jute, grasses, and woods, they reflect the beauty of nature. All woven woods can be made with a privacy or light filtering lining.. They can be made with a cordless feature which gets rid of ugly pull strings. Pictured below we have a woven wood shade made with the top down bottom up option. The top down bottom up feature gives you the ability to put the shade anywhere on the window. With brands like Hunter Douglas, Graber and Horizons you over 250 different fabric choices of you are bound to find something that will bring warmth and nature into your home. Many woven wood shade materials are also available in the sliding panel option. Perfect for big windows or sliding glass doors.

Solar Shades

Solar shades can reduce glare - preserve views - limit solar heat gain and at the same time give you your view. Solar shades offer a wide range of screen openness factors, allowing you to choose how much light control you desire.They reduce glare, improve energy efficiency and block harmful UV rays from damaging your furnishings. We do offer a full line of solar shade fabrics specifically made to be used in outdoor areas where they would be exposed to the elements. Solar shade fabrics can be made in sliding panel track applications and many valance options that will hide the the shade when up position. 

Options available

  • Cordless & Continuous Loop controls
  • Over 350 fabrics to choose from & constantly updated
  • Many fabrics than can cut the heat & glare down by 50% and still provide view out
  • Side tracks than can be added to blackout a room 100%
  • Motorization
  • Oil rubbed bronze and stainless finish hardware

The video below shows some of the beautiful options available with the Hunter Douglas Roller & Screen shades

Sliding Panel Track

Sliding window panels or panel tracks systems, offer a simple, versatile and stylish solution for patio doors, sliding glass doors or large picture windows. These can cover a large window easily with much fewer panels than vertical blinds contributing to a much cleaner, uniform appearance. Sliding panel tracks are easy to operate with either a wand or a pull cord. Many valance options to choose from. The picture below we added a cornice a long the top of the shade. There are many fabric choices to use with our sliding panels to really make your window express your unique style. Sliding panel tracks can be made from roman shade, roller shade, natural woven wood and solar shade fabrics.

Silhouette Window Shadings by Hunter Douglas

Silhouette window shadings by Hunter Douglas are a shade, but a yet combine the option to open and close unlike most other shades. Silhouette shadings are comprised of a "S-vane" fabric vane suspended between two soft sheer facings. These vanes are available in a variety of textures and colors, from linen-textured vanes to the elegant raw silk textured vanes. There are eight different fabric choices in 2", 3" and 4" vane sizes. The suspended vanes tilt to any angle, giving you full control over the level of privacy and light you desire. In the open position, you have a softened view as if you were looking through a sheer. In the closed position, you have full privacy and can even have the option of a room darkening vane.

We do offer a vertical version of the Silhouette called the Luminettes by Hunter Douglas which are pictured below. The Luminette Window Shades made by Hunter Douglas are a beautiful on sliding glass doors and large windows.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades offer a unique blend of decorative style, versatility, and comfort. Their cellular construction insulates homes against the elements to help reduce heating and cooling bills, and their superior sound absorption will make surroundings quieter and more comfortable.The neutral white backing provides a consistent appearance to the outside. And, since they're available in a variety of design styles, they can cover just about any window with convenience and style. If you really want to impress your friends add the unique and innovative cordless top-down bottom-up feature to your shades or just add the cordless feature by it self. By getting rid of the pull cords they are safer for children and give a much cleaner look in general. You are also able to motorize your honeycomb shades as well for those hard to reach places. Honeycomb shades are also offered for skylight windows. Skylight applications can either be manually operated with a pole or you can motorized for easy operation. Pictured below is of a Hunter Douglas honeycomb shade with the top down bottom up feature.

Options available

  • Cordless top down bottom up
  • Cordless & Continuous Loop controls
  • Light Filtering,Sheer and blackout fabrics
  • Side tracks that can be added for complete room darkening
  • Motorization
  • Single,Double and triple cell fabrics

The video below demonstrates some the options available on the Hunter Douglas Duette honeycomb shades:

Roller Shades

Roller Shades are a great combination of practicality and style. Rollers shades have come a long way from the ones you may have had years ago. Roller window shades now come in many fresh up to date fabrics. Their form and function are classically simple. Many fabrics add a degree of privacy, increase energy efficiency and help protect furnishings from the sun's harsh rays. Many of the fabrics can be made in a sliding panel application. Roller shades now have a cordless option where you no longer have the springing up problem most remember with older roller shades.

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